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White noise Sometimes the crying of the babies seems to be impossible to stop, mainly, when it is not due to something in particular or that we can recognize.

However, there is a method that is white noise, which helps to calm you down and sleep.

What does it consist of?

There is no father or mother who has not despaired when the baby cries non-stop and does not seem to find a way to calm him down. A desperation that increases when the cries are at night and the next day we have to get up early to go to work. The possible solutions do not work as mathematical formulas, as it depends on each child and the moment , but they are usually quite effective.

Soft rocking is typical, as rocking contributes to reassuring babies. We can also wrap the little one with a blanket, leaving the legs free, because it gives them a feeling of containment, very pleasant. Giving a massage can also help calm you as well as offer you the breast or the bottle.

What is white noise?

Another very effective system for calming baby crying is to make you hear white noise. And this system is not only effective with babies, but also works with adults. There are even companies that sell customized white noise discs for the customer requesting it.

The white noise is a masker of the rest of the sounds, occupy all of our auditory spectrum, has no ups and downs and is constant , causing the brain to relax, which makes it easy to fall asleep.

The ear never rests, nor when we sleep. When a sound awakens us it is because there has been an alteration in the environment that we are hearing or, when we do not sleep in our house, it can cost us more to sleep because we are not accustomed to the sounds of that place. The same happens to babies, but enhanced, because your brain is overexcited with your own cry.

For these cases, white noise is ideal because it has the property of masking the rest of sounds, which makes the baby calm down and can fall asleep more easily.