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That the baby does not know to walk does not mean that it can not fall and, although generally the falls do not usually happen of a fright, it is important to know what we must do before that fall.

The first advice to follow when we realize that the baby has fallen is to remain calm . No use despairing and crying, because the baby can be frightened more than it already is.

Then we have to check if the baby has hit the head , in which case, we must go quickly to a health center, to check if there may be some injury that is not seen with the naked eye.

The severity of the possible injuries will depend on the height, speed and manner in which the baby has fallen and, unless there is some other symptom, in principle, we should not worry excessively if a bump appears .

Some blows do not have consequences immediately , they are evolutionary, so we must observe the baby and, if after a couple of hours since the fall, the little one is restless, shows abnormal behavior in him, or has vomiting, we must go to a care center.

It is also important not to give any medication , as it could be negative instead of helping, and we must prevent the baby from sleeping until a few hours after the blow.

If, after this time, the baby breathes normally, does not show drowsiness and looks healthy and normal, probably there is no problem.