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Preparing the baby’s first Bath


This task is simple, provided it is done properly, and is very pleasant for both the baby and the parents.

Firstly, we must choose a place in the house that is away from any draft , so the bathroom is a good option, as it also allows us to be able to empty the baby’s bathtub easily. In any case, we must heat the place we choose until the ambient temperature is between 22 and 25 degrees.

Another important step is to have prepared in advance all the elements necessary for the bath , such as neutral soap, sponge, towel, lotions and creams or diaper, so you do not have to leave the baby alone in no time.

Before putting the baby in the bath , we have to fill it with 12 to 15 centimeters of water at a temperature between 34 and 37 degrees, making sure that it does not come down so that the baby does not cool down. During the first few days, pediatricians recommend not using soap as it removes the fat layer from the baby’s skin.

Unless we have been told otherwise, we must bathe the baby every day , but nothing happens to skip any. And as to what time to do it is indifferent the time of day, although it is preferable to do it always at the same time and, especially, at the end of the day, since, in addition to the bathroom relaxes the baby and helps him to reconcile the dream , it will be easier for the baby, the mother and the father to be together, this being a pleasant moment for all three.

While there is no reason to limit how long the bath should last, during the first few weeks, it is preferable not to last more than three or four minutes .

From three months on, the bath can last for about 10 minutes and, from 6 months, up to a quarter of an hour. If the baby is comfortable, and the day is hot, we can lengthen the bath, as long as the water does not cool.

After the bath, we must use some specific lotion to moisturize the baby’s skin , and finish the task by giving a massage using natural oils. If we want to use a colony, during the first months of the child’s life, it is preferable to apply it on his clothes.

In addition to the hygiene of the baby, the moment of the bath facilitates the bond between the parents and the baby , allows sensitive experiences, stimulates their psychomotor development and serves as an element of play, so it is a task that we must carry out with calm and joy.