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Kids laughing: the most Beautiful Images!


When a baby is born, as the months go by, we see how he begins to express himself and to communicate with others through a smile. In this article, we show you a series of adorable photographs showing babies and children smiling at different stages of their lives.

But why is it so important that children smile? The smile is one of nature’s most precious and impressive achievements, because when a baby smiles, it seeks to establish bonds and relationships with its parents and family . There is no sign more beautiful and sincere than a smile!

(It interests you: what does the baby mean when he smiles? )

How important is the smile in children?

When parents and the child have created an emotional bond, a new form of communication comes into play, and babies use the smile to communicate from the very first month of life , as well as their opposite pole: crying.

Both crying and smiling are two very special weapons that the child uses to communicate with loved ones: to warn that everything is fine in the case of smiling, or to communicate that something bothers you or bothers you in the case of let him cry For this reason, we must be especially attentive to this form of communication , since, especially from the second month of life, they are voluntary acts that show feelings of affection, joy, fear or pain.