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What to do before a Fall


That the baby does not know to walk does not mean that it can not fall and, although generally the falls do not usually happen of a fright, it is important to know what we must do before that fall.

The first advice to follow when we realize that the baby has fallen is to remain calm . No use despairing and crying, because the baby can be frightened more than it already is.

Then we have to check if the baby has hit the head , in which case, we must go quickly to a health center, to check if there may be some injury that is not seen with the naked eye.

The severity of the possible injuries will depend on the height, speed and manner in which the baby has fallen and, unless there is some other symptom, in principle, we should not worry excessively if a bump appears .

Some blows do not have consequences immediately , they are evolutionary, so we must observe the baby and, if after a couple of hours since the fall, the little one is restless, shows abnormal behavior in him, or has vomiting, we must go to a care center.

It is also important not to give any medication , as it could be negative instead of helping, and we must prevent the baby from sleeping until a few hours after the blow.

If, after this time, the baby breathes normally, does not show drowsiness and looks healthy and normal, probably there is no problem.


Baby Learning Toys

A child’s mind has often been likened to a sponge, with the first three years of life being essential for their mental and educational development. As a parent, you can do much to foster their abilities at a very young age by choosing the essential learning toys for babies that are available. What are some of the choices that you should consider when you have a baby and want them to make the most out of their life?

 Educational toys can typically be broken down into a few separate categories. You can choose from one of these categories according to the needs of your child to help them develop certain skill sets. The four basic categories that promote the development of your child’s mental facilities include physical, emotional, language and cognitive toys.

Each of these is going to serve a specific purpose but they will often work together with each other in unique ways as well. (Source: educational toys from Invenio Toys)

In choosing learning toys for babies, you would often choose something that is not only going to provide an educational benefit; it will help to foster creativity as well. That is why building blocks are so popular, because they can be used in multiple ways and are often a favorite child’s toy.

There are also some simple puzzles that are available, as well as some sensory toys that many parents feel are very beneficial for their children. Keep in mind, when you do choose one of the essential learning toys that are developed for very young children, you will find that the benefits follow them throughout their lifetime.

Preventing Baby Falls


It is impossible to completely avoid falling babies , but we can take some measures to reduce the risks of them.

The bars of the cribs and the rails for the beds should be high , so that they can not be raised, as well as being no more than eight centimeters apart.

If we are going to leave the baby in a bed without handrails, we must put cushions on the edges.

It is important not to leave the baby alone on the changing table, bed, or in an armchair, and keep chairs, cribs and cars away from stairs and windows.

When we carry the baby in our arms, we must be careful with the unevenness of the floor and with the carpets, and when descending stairs, we must always grab the railing.


White noise to Calm and help sleep the Baby


White noise Sometimes the crying of the babies seems to be impossible to stop, mainly, when it is not due to something in particular or that we can recognize.

However, there is a method that is white noise, which helps to calm you down and sleep.

What does it consist of?

There is no father or mother who has not despaired when the baby cries non-stop and does not seem to find a way to calm him down. A desperation that increases when the cries are at night and the next day we have to get up early to go to work. The possible solutions do not work as mathematical formulas, as it depends on each child and the moment , but they are usually quite effective.

Soft rocking is typical, as rocking contributes to reassuring babies. We can also wrap the little one with a blanket, leaving the legs free, because it gives them a feeling of containment, very pleasant. Giving a massage can also help calm you as well as offer you the breast or the bottle.

What is white noise?

Another very effective system for calming baby crying is to make you hear white noise. And this system is not only effective with babies, but also works with adults. There are even companies that sell customized white noise discs for the customer requesting it.

The white noise is a masker of the rest of the sounds, occupy all of our auditory spectrum, has no ups and downs and is constant , causing the brain to relax, which makes it easy to fall asleep.

The ear never rests, nor when we sleep. When a sound awakens us it is because there has been an alteration in the environment that we are hearing or, when we do not sleep in our house, it can cost us more to sleep because we are not accustomed to the sounds of that place. The same happens to babies, but enhanced, because your brain is overexcited with your own cry.

For these cases, white noise is ideal because it has the property of masking the rest of sounds, which makes the baby calm down and can fall asleep more easily.


Devices that emit white Noise


Have you ever come to a dryer in operation and your baby has calmed down? Some appliances, which have a rotor system, can emit white noise when they reach certain revolutions, since that sound covers almost the entire spectrum.

You can use a dryer, extractor hood, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator or radio tuned to a point on the dial where there is no emission.

We can also find applications for both iOS and Android, with which to get a white noise source.

Also, there is a smart cradle called Snoo on the market , which, in addition to being able to rock the baby when it moves a lot or when it starts to cry, emits white noise.


Kids laughing: the most Beautiful Images!


When a baby is born, as the months go by, we see how he begins to express himself and to communicate with others through a smile. In this article, we show you a series of adorable photographs showing babies and children smiling at different stages of their lives.

But why is it so important that children smile? The smile is one of nature’s most precious and impressive achievements, because when a baby smiles, it seeks to establish bonds and relationships with its parents and family . There is no sign more beautiful and sincere than a smile!

(It interests you: what does the baby mean when he smiles? )

How important is the smile in children?

When parents and the child have created an emotional bond, a new form of communication comes into play, and babies use the smile to communicate from the very first month of life , as well as their opposite pole: crying.

Both crying and smiling are two very special weapons that the child uses to communicate with loved ones: to warn that everything is fine in the case of smiling, or to communicate that something bothers you or bothers you in the case of let him cry For this reason, we must be especially attentive to this form of communication , since, especially from the second month of life, they are voluntary acts that show feelings of affection, joy, fear or pain.