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Aging: what it consists of and its 8 Principles


Fostering is a philosophy of education of the baby based on the theory of attachment, in which the continuous bond of parents with the baby is the
protagonist during the first years of the child. This breeding method is based on eight basic principles. Discover them!

Attachment is the emotional bond that the baby needs on the part of his caregivers , since it provides him with the emotional security indispensable for the correct development of his personality and intelligence. Therefore, attachment is that dependency or need of the baby to be in the arms of his mother.

What is bonding?

During the first three years of life, the child’s brain reaches 90% of adult size and puts in place most of the structures that are responsible for the emotional, behavioral, social, and physiological functioning of the rest of his or her life. Therefore, especially in these years, the child needs to feel safe and emotionally balanced to have an adequate development.

In this context, parenting with parenting is critical to achieving the safety the child needs. Attachment parenting, ‘ attachment parenting’ in English, is the philosophy driven by pediatrician William Sears that follows the doctrines of education attachment theory in developmental psychology, taking into account the needs of each baby and child. According to this theory, the emotional bonds that arise during childhood between parents and children will derive in empathic relationships as adults .