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What characteristics does a baby Monitor have?


A good baby monitor should be characterized by:

  1. Very low levels of radiation.
  2. 100% interference free.
  3. Built-in temperature sensor.
  4. Intercom function to calm the baby.
  5. Excellent sound quality.
  6. Search function to quickly locate units.

Optical noise level indicators. – Battery indicator.

In case of choosing the option of baby monitor with camera, we have to take into account the following characteristics:

  1. Excellent sound quality.
  2. Flexible camera.
  3. Extra large screen and camera with automatic night vision. We also have to take into account that they are manageable and that occupy little space , because that way we can transport it with ease.


Flying with babies: 4 Things to keep in Mind


When it comes to flying with babies, each company has its own guidelines and company policy regarding the rights and duties of babies on the plane.

Below, we detail the basic premises to take into account, although, when you buy plane tickets, you must consult the specific guidelines of the company that you have chosen.

Children under two years do not occupy a seat. However, although they have not reached the age of two and do not occupy seats, babies pay a reduced portion of the rate according to the company.

On the other hand, if you prefer that the baby occupy a seat, will be treated as children between 2 and 11 years. When occupying a seat, you must bring an approved car seat (EU quality seal, ECE R44 / 03 or ECE R44 / 04) in which the baby will travel taking into account the safety regulations.

From the two years, yes they occupy seat. You should note that if your baby is two years before the end of the trip, your ticket must be purchased at the children’s rate for the entire flight.

You can choose what to do with the stroller. When you travel with your baby and carry a stroller, you have the option to stay with him until the moment you board the plane or check it as the rest of the luggage. If you take it to the door of the plane, you can have it in cabin if the availability of flight space allows you. Otherwise, it will be removed by the flight crew, deposited in the hold and delivered to the aircraft door upon arrival.

Baby cots-comfort of up to 11 kg are available . In intercontinental flights, companies have a specific number of cots on each plane. These cots must be booked in advance and, depending on the class in which you travel, may incur an additional cost. The maximum weight will depend on each company.